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New website!!

17 Mar


Thank you for visiting the Cooking Matters blog. We have a brand new website and will be deleting the blog soon, so be sure you make note of the new web address. Thanks again!

Cooking Matters


Recipe For Life Challenge

9 Mar

Have you ever created a delicious and nutritious meal that you think people would love, yet never had anyone to share it with? Well, this may be your chance to get it recognized! Cooking Matters Omaha is hosting a Recipe For Life Challenge. Chefs, foodies, nutrition professionals, and community members are welcome to submit a recipe that they have created all on their own to the Cooking Matters program (specific details, rules and regulations will be announced in April). A handful of recipes will then be selected to be taste-tested in our summer cooking series. So, if you are thinking about submitting a recipe make sure it is kid-friendly! First, second and third place will be awarded to the recipes that are most favored in our classes. Stay tuned for more details soon!